Autek fuksis

Welcome you fresh fuksi of Autek! First, congratulations for getting chosen to the most athletic, well-known, and most yellow guild of Tampere University, Automation technology guild. From this page you will find information about your upcoming fuksi year. Read more down below

What is a fuksi?

Fuksi is a first-year university student in Finland are called fuksis. The fuksi year is known to be best time of your lives. All fuksis will get to know the secrets of the student life in Tampere and all fuksis who are studying in Hervanta will get to become Teekkaris after being dipped in Tammerkoski during wappu (Labor Day) on the 1st of May.

Fuksi passport

A small notebook where you collect stamps from amazing events and other activities during your fuksi year. Always have your passport or some of it at events and remember to ask for stamps from the fuksi captains.

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Student Union

Student Union of Tampere University, TREY, represents all the 18,000 university students in Tampere. TREY protects the interests of students, facilitates the work of student associations, provides services for its members as well as creates a sense of community. All of us students constitute the student union. According to the Universities Act, the main task of the student union is to liaise with and on behalf of its members and to promote their societal, social and intellectual aspirations.


Teekkari culture

Teekkari culture is an important aspect of studying technology. Teekkari culture is, above all, about community spirit and traditions, such as Wappu, sitsis, kyykkä and the singing culture.

Teekkaris have a long history: Technology education began on a university level in Finland towards the end of the 19th century. Teekkaris first arrived in Tampere in 1965 as a unit of the Otaniemi University of Technology, and in 1972, the Tampere University of Technology was founded.

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