TTY AutomaatioAlumni Ry

TTY Automaatioalumni ry brings together graduates of TUNI and the former TTY/TTKK automation engineering degree programme and people who are close to graduation. We organise various events such as company visits, lectures on topics of interest to members and more informal dinners.

TTY Automaatioalumni ry provides an environment for networking between its members and companies in the industry. The association also acts as a link between automation students and working life

How to join?

Becoming a member of the Alumni association is as simple as joining the Autek Alumni email list via the link below.

  • Autek-alumni email list:  Join
  • LinkedIn: Join
  • Telegram: Join
  • Email: automaatioalumni[at]

Board 2023

The Board of the Alumni association is elected for one calendar year at the General Assembly held in the autumn. You can reach the Board by email

Chairperson: Topi Miekkala
Vice Chairperson: Markus Kasurinen
Treasurer: Paula Jyrkönen
Board Member: Elisa Kari
Board Member: Anu Aaltonen
Board Member: Oiva Hautanen
Board Member: Anna-Liisa Sampo

Officer: Kristian Klemets
Officer: Annimari Hartikainen
Officer: Tero Turja