Guild Of Automation Technology

The student organization for all automation students in Tampere University

Do you begin your Automation engineering studies at Tampere University in 2024?


Automaatiotekniikan kilta or more shortly Autek is the name of our student organization. The guild was founded in 1988 by the students of automation technology in Tampere. The guild is an organization completely upheld by us students, and it brings together the students of our field by providing them with various helpful services, and chances to partake in many different events. Some examples of these are our guild room, versatile events and chances to get closer with the companies related to our study field. The guild and the community around it are most commonly the best way students get to meet new people, and gather some unforgettable memories and experiences from their time of being a student. Our guild already has 300 members. Join us now!

Automation is an extremely versatile field of study in our university. Here are some examples of what we study:

–  Automation informatics
–  Hydraulics
–  Control systems
–  Factory Automation
–  Robotics


BOARD 2024

Tino Laine

tg: @Paaministeri

Ville Julku

Master of coin / Vice Chairperson
tg: @Elinkeinoministeri

Aleksi Jaatila

Company Relationship Manager
tg: @TyoMinisteri

Jan Hautala

tg: @Puhemies

Kivi Siik

tg: @Valtionvarainministeri

Inka Rautio

Information Manager
tg: @viestintaministeri

Viljami Heikkilä

Guild Host
tg: @Peruspalveluministeri

Kalle Tuominen

Fuksi Captain
tg: @KasvatusMinisteri

Eemil Juntunen

Event Coordinator
tg: @KulttuuriMinisteri

Niilo Lamminen

Studies Official
tg: @Opetusministeri


Markus Huhtala

Event official

Hanna Mononen

Event official

Rasmus Savelius

Event official

Otto Sallinen

Company Relationships

Teemu Häkkinen

Company Relationships

Veli Silvennoinen


Topias Berg


Simeon Huhtala

International excursions

Aaro Heimonen

Guild master

Miro Haime

Guild master

Juuso Hollmen

Guild master

Liisa Aaltonen

Financial official

Mikko Karhunen

Social media official

Sanni Jokioja

Equality officer

Verna Leisti

International official

Samuli Ratas

Taukki editor in chief

Eino Vättö

Taukki editor

Lasse Hirvonen

Taukki editor

Elmeri Erkko

Exercise and well-being

Eveliina Aalto-Setälä

Exercise and well-being

Joona Jokipii

Web Developer

Lauri Mänty


Niilo Harjunen

Fuksi official (Spring)

Kaapro Kortelainen


Omar Harb


Kasper Kaasalainen

Graphic designe



Autek cooperates with several companies to keep our members connected to the working field, and help prepare for working life.

Traditionally the company relations of guilds consists of excursions, sauna events, seminars and advertising. Through guild cooperation, a company can easily reach out to us students, and find themselves new talent for their teams.
By advertising trainee positions, or bachelor and master thesis positions through our guild, a company can guarantee themselves excellent visibility among the automation students of Tampere.

Examples of company interaction

  • Advertisment in the overalls of the new fuksis
  • Ability to post job and other notices to the guilds email lists
  • Sponsoring the guilds anniversary gala
  • The companys logo included in the guilds event advertising (to members).


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