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The following people have exceptionally supported the guild through their actions:

DI Ville Laine (14.2.1995)
DI Jouni Mäkinen (21.11.1996)
DI Tommi Kauppinen (30.11.2000)
DI Marko Varpunen (30.11.2000)
Emeritusprofessori Pentti Lautala, Head of automation department (30.11.2000)
DI Petri Oikarinen (30.11.2000)
FT Tarja Shakespeare (16.9.2003)
DI Harri Vuolle (16.9.2003)
DI Antti Keränen (16.9.2003)
DI Heikki Tapola (16.9.2003)
DI Janne Kytökari (15.10.2008)
DI Teemu Lindgren (15.10.2008)
DI Petri Vuorenpää (15.10.2008)
DI Jani Ala-Uotila (15.10.2008)
DI Tuomas Rissanen (15.10.2008)
DI Ville Korpiluoto (29.10.2013)
DI Velu Varjoranta (29.10.2013)
Insinööri AMK Janne Soili (29.10.2013)
DI Juha-Pekka Onnela (7.11.2018)
DI Juuso Jusi (7.11.2018)
Tekn. Yo Tero Holopainen (7.11.2018)

How to join the guild?

The membership fee for regular members (student of TUNI) is 5 euros. The fee for endorsement membership is 20 euros for a private person, and 200 euros for companies and other communities. Anyone can pay the fee in the guild room when a board member is present, or directly to our account FI08 5730 0820 8499 96. In the message field you must include your full name and city of residence.

More specific information about the guild