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Main building cellar sits 17.3.

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Restrictions are loosening up, restaurants are beginning to be open and Wabu is getting closer so lets celebrate this with the classic main building cellar sits with kolmio afterparty. The date for the sitsis will be 17.3. so naturally the theme will be St. Patrick’s Day.
The sits cost 12€ + 6€ Kolmio ticket. The sign-up for the event will be open through Thursday 24.2.-Wednesday 2.3. in google forms (The link…/1m5bwi78OFZBoLSpGsrgQT3o8rM…/edit…) or until the places are full.
What? Main building cellar sits with kolmio 🔺 afterparty
When? 17.3. 17 o’clock ->
Where? In bommari and city centre
How much? 12€ + 6€ Kolmio ticket
Why? Because NO restrictions!?!💥💥💥

AFTERSKI fuksisits 15.3.

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AFTERSKI fuksisits are COMING! ❄️
Autek, Hiukkanen and MIK are combining their forces to organize spectacular sitsis together for the fuksis. The theme for this epic event will be AFTERSKI so find your skiing goggles and winter coats because you don’t want to miss this event. ❄️ The afterparty for the event will be the Joke contest ending party where you will receive unique fuksipoints and a unique fuksipuzzle piece.
During the event there will be a possibility to complete the singing test, and by passing the test you will receive unique fuksipoints. ❄️
The event will be organized in Bommari on Tuesday 15.3 at 18 o’clock! The sign-up will open already on next monday 28.2 at 12 o’clock
Event sponsored by Tekniikan akateemiset @Tekniikan.akateemiset.TEK
What: AFTERSKI fuksisits
Where: In Bommari
When: Tuesday 15.3 at 18:00
Sign-up: Monday 28.2 12:00

Himosmegaski 10.3.

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HimosMegaSki’s ticket sales open at 7.2.💥 12:00 o’clock in KideApp! The ticket includes a bus trip from Tampere to Himos and back🚌, a full-day ticket⛷️ and afterski in Tampere💃🏻. There are a limited number of tickets, so put the date on the calendar!
Normally only the lift ticket costs 44 € and now the whole trip costs only 40 €, so put on your boots and head to Himos! If you do not own the equipment, you can also get the whole ski-set from Himos at a reduced daily price of € 17 if ordered in advance. If you are too afraid to go down the slope, afterski and other activity is also found under the slope so you can focus better on the essentials🍺

Autek’s MM-kyykkä qualifiers 10.2.

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Hello there! MM-kyykkä is coming up and we need an all-star team from Autek to bring the victory home. Well, how are we going to find out the best throwers? By organizing Autek’s MM-kyykkä qualifiers!! We of course want to have an interdisciplinary event so we will organize the event with Mentor ry.
Gather your 4-person team and come show how to dominate in kyykkä. The best team of Autek will be able to play in MM-kyykkä and also gets 4 afterparty tickets 🔥🔥🔥
Sing up starts 31.1. at 15.00 and the form is here:…/1FAIpQLSdGgO2NzNAj5IN61UQ…/viewform

Winter Olympics 16.2.

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The Winter Olympics? THE WINTER OLYMPICS!!! Have you always wanted to be an Olympic athlete of your own life???!??⛸⛷ Now it is possible!!! Together, MIK, Man@ger and Autek will organize a round of the Winter Olympics in Hervanta on 16 February. So gather a team of 3 people and start playing various winter sports!🛷💨 There will be fun and great prizes for the winning team!! The tour points have been placed all over Hervanta and after the tour, afterparty will be located at the Teekkarisauna. 🥌💥
Each team member should fill out the forms themselves, but add the names of your team members to the team request section. You can also participate without a team, in which case individual participants will be split into teams. The location of the round points and a more detailed schedule will be published closer, to those who signed up for the event.
Bring your own bottle for the sauna and, if desired, sauna supplies and cash. Guests entering the sauna will be required to have a corona pass and will be checked upon arrival. We monitor Pirkanmaa’s corona restrictions and notify of any change as soon as possible. Access to the sauna THROUGH THE MAIN DOOR ONLY.
WHAT: Winter Olympics
WHERE: Hervanta
WHEN: 16.2. from 15 to 18, after which we go to the Teekkarisauna to warm up
HOW TO SIGN UP: Signing up starts on Wednesday 2.2. at 12 and closes on Monday 7.2 at 23:59 or when the places are full. There are 30 available spots per guild.